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Our Approach

Sherpa has developed a unique six-stage process to enable Channel Transformation. 

We have worked with 35+ of the word’s largest technology companies for two years to develop the unique Channel Transformation Model.

We hold an unsurpassed working knowledge of channel strategy, implementation and analysis, and have created our unique six pillars of channel strategy. 

Channel Development Pillars

The potential scale of your channel is both your biggest asset and biggest challenge. If your ambition is channel growth, how do you obtain a clear overview, understand your current position, and plan effectively for the future?


Channel Transformation Model |

Our Channel assessment tool will look at your Channel across seven key pillars.

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"The Channel Transformation Model is a valuable addition to the canon of knowledge and insight around channel marketing - which remains widely under-recognised and appreciated in terms of its importance to B2B marketing. To the best of my knowledge this model is unique in providing a diagnostic tool to enable channel marketers to benchmark the effectiveness of their marketing, and consequently help them improve year-on-year. It provides practical, actionable strategies, and is well worth the investment in time. Well done Sherpa for building this useful tool for channel marketers.”

Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief of B2B Marketing

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