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Channels need to evolve – ensuring you recruit new Partners that align with changing business models is a key activity. Partner 2.0 is upon us, let's make sure you have the right partner taxonomy.


Partner Recruitment

The importance of proper channel Partner recruitment for success in the marketplace cannot be overemphasised.  Sherpa's Partner Recruitment programmes are designed around our clients' objectives and customer requirements. 

These programmes help to develop Partner profiles for long-term successful partnerships. Partner interviews allow us to understand their needs and ambitions, and we run targeted and broad recruitment campaigns to bring well-qualified Partners into Partner programmes, ready to be on-boarded.


Partner Selection

Partner Selection ensures that new Partners (and existing ones) possess the attributes required to fulfil the company’s priorities and its target customers’ requirements.  Sherpa's Partner Evaluation tool can be used to ensure your Partners are aligned to deliver mutually successful, long-term relationships.

Our selection process gives you a data-driven and objective view of what strengths successful Partners need to exhibit.  The evaluation also reveals insight into where additional training or support may be required.

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