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Year-on-year you need more revenue from your channel ecosystem. You need tactics that deliver: channel ABM, syndicated demand generation, intent data campaigns, social selling with channel. All measured with microscopic diligence.

  • Programmatic Partner Marketing

    We take a robust and flexible approach to deliver managed Partner programmes at scale depending on Partner capability.


    We do the heavy lifting, they do the learning. We act as an effective go-between for Vendor and Partner, to make MDF stretch further and get Partners on the path to self-sufficient marketing excellence.

    We have a proven track record in delivering excellent channel campaigns, globally, for some of the top tech Vendors in the world.

  • Partner Account-Based Marketing

    The dynamic between Vendor and Partner creates circumstances which suit an account-based marketing programme very well.  Product value proposition alongside Partner-specific 'referenceability' and sector expertise creates a compelling message to bring to target accounts.


    Running a Partner ABM programme does have its unique challenges which means that it is crucial to have an ABM expert, not only with technical ABM capabilities but also the understanding of marketing through channel. Sherpa has both of these and has brought this experience together in multiple channel ABM programmes.

  • To-Partner Marketing

    In multi-vendor and GSI environments, your Partners become your market and growing your share-of-voice and revenue within the market requires its own Partner-centric strategy.


    Sherpa executes one-to-one account-based marketing programmes for larger, strategic Partners and GSI, as well as one-to-few and one-to-many approaches for smaller Partner groups.  Successfully landing relevant and positive messages about partnership opportunities and converting those into deeper engagement and stronger relationships.

  • Demand Centre

    A Partner Demand Centre is a centralised approach to Partner marketing. In order to maximise ROI with a streamlined marketing content process, developing and creating demand in Partner target markets is vital.


    Our demand centre services go a bit further by supporting Partners to nurture and qualify leads more successfully.


    The value of a centralised approach comes not only from efficiency of marketing budget – but additional traceability and trackability of ROI.  

  • Campaign Kits

    IDC research indicates that Partners who differentiate and develop expertise are more likely to see more success with their target audience.  Developing content that is authentically Partner-led, rather than Vendor-led, develops brand awareness in target markets and drives customer demand and Partner loyalty.


    Sherpa has developed a programmatic approach to adapting marketing collateral for Partners; to meet specific vertical demands and to package them into easy to execute campaign kits.

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