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ready, steady, logo

Lois Dixon
by Lois Dixon - January 25, 2018

Sherpa Logo

Well it's finally here...what we’ve all been working so hard towards...the launch of Sherpa’s new branding! It’s been a race to the start line to be honest, trying to get everything ready for the big reveal but we’re now in pole position and the lights have turned green.  

The competition is fierce on the marketing circuit and it takes one hell of a team to keep you at the front of the pack. At Sherpa, we’ve spent the past few years investing in the right people to make sure we have expertise in all areas required for success. We’ve been running a well-tuned V8 under the bonnet for a while...we’ve just had a slightly rusted paint job.
However, after a few months at the spray shop (thanks to the team at Truth & Lies) we’ve now got the exterior to match.  

Why though? Why now? Ok, I may have exhausted the car analogy but stick with me…Alfa Romeo create beautiful cars but my god are they unreliable (I speak from experience); Volvos are extremely reliable but won’t be winning any prizes for their good looks. But what does this have to do with marketing? My point is, there is no point having something that looks great but is hugely unreliable and can’t deliver, but it is equally fruitless having something that has the mechanics to take you on an incredible journey but few people want to get on board. An agency with a super slick logo and shiny branding might attract clients initially, but if they don’t have the skill set in their team to carry out successful campaigns and deliver ROI then their clients will be disappointed.

At Sherpa, our team is at the heart of everything we do. We have sat where you sit. We know the tech space. We understand growth, we can deliver scale and have experience in Global reach, but we are still a personable, flexible, team of people who are always learning (you keen eyed followers may have read this before somewhere!). We have also spent the past few years working hard to build an unrivalled relationship with our extensive client base and now have a reputation which can do a sleek new image justice. 

So here it is! And we love our new logo and branding! It is focussed on looking upwards, always guiding you higher, it is bold and brave; dynamic & energetic; confident & solid. Everything that we are all about…but now we can add future-proof and visually striking to the list. 

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