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2018 - Resolutions and Rebrands

Lois Dixon
by Lois Dixon - January 12, 2018

Sherpa is going higher...new look coming soon!

Right 2018, we’ve got our feet under the table…what’ve you got in store?

Well, 43% percent of people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions by now...

Have we? Nope. We didn’t make any. “How boring” I hear you say... “how arrogant that you have nothing to change”. Well it’s quite the opposite in fact. We very much believe change should happen constantly...often organically, often intentionally, but always considered. Why wait until the new year to become better?

At Sherpa, we are endlessly monitoring what we do...checking, tweaking, double checking and tweaking some more. It is one of the joys of being a small, dynamic (but quickly growing) agency – we have the autonomy to adapt quickly and handle whatever comes our way. We all know how to muck in; owning our mistakes - as well as our successes – and learning from them, is part and parcel of our day. This should mean we are never in a position where we are required to fully overhaul what we do.

Saying that, there is one major overhaul that’s being undertaken here at ‘Sherpa towers’. Our rugged facade has gone under the knife. What was once a one-man brand has grown in to a cohesive, experienced and knowledgeable team of experts whose fine lines have been smoothed out. Don’t worry though...we’re still the same person underneath...just with a refined image.

We asked some of our clients what they thought of us before we chose to update our identity and we were pleased to hear words such as ‘trusted, partner, resourceful, personal, credible and reliable’, but out of everything our ‘people’ came out on top. This is good to hear as although we have come a long way since Sherpa first set off on our tech marketing expedition, our people are still very much at the heart of what we do. Our team have sat where you sit and this is integral when providing marketing expertise tailored to you. We understand growth, we can deliver scale and have experience in Global reach, but we are still a personable, flexible, team of people who are always learning.

So, we are looking forward to a year of full of change, adaptation and new ventures, with an exciting new look to add an extra spring in our step, whilst we continue to #gohigher, with you.

Our new brand will be launched in the next week or so…sign up below to receive an email when we launch. #watchthisspace.

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