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blended ABM.

ABM programmes are said to fit one of three categories; one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-many. In practice, each Sherpa ABM programme takes the approach it needs to take - and often that's a blend of differing intensities of approach - dependent on the objectives.

In our blended approach, we start with a segmented, and often intent-led target account set and the accounts self-select what level of account based marketing they are relevant to, based on their engagement. In this way, the resource and the budget is allocated to accounts showing most promise.

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  • marketing and sales Integration.

    Create Sales and Marketing Integration to maximise lead nurture, shortens the sales cycle and facilitates the 'opportunity assessment to appointment setting' process.

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  • data and insights.

    World-class data and insight into tech buyers and the buying journey, using global platforms.

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  • ABM fully delivered.

    Using our ready-to-go platforms and team to implement the right ABM tactics at the right time. From pilot to full programme roll-out.

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