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managed account based marketing.

The ABM process is complex and unique to each product. We drive and manage each programme, guided by you and your requirements and our experience in delivering account based marketing.

Here at Sherpa we know that having a deep understanding of you and your prospects is critical to ABM success, so we spend a large proportion of every programme learning about your accounts, your products and your internal processes and capabilities.

Whether you are interested in trialing ABM or have challenges scaling your ABM, Sherpa can support with experience and ready-to-go platforms and data tools. Contact us to find how we can support you.

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  • ABM platforms.

    Make use of Sherpa-managed platforms, or integrate with existing platforms to leverage your MarTech investment for an account-based approach.

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  • marketing & sales integration.

    Create Sales and Marketing Integration to maximise lead nurture, shortens the sales cycle and facilitates the 'opportunity assessment to appointment setting' process.

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  • blended ABM.

    Allow target accounts to self-select what level of ABM they are relevant to, based on how much they've engaged and with what, with out blended approach. 

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To discuss your marketing ideas and how Sherpa can help you transform your marketing with our services, please contact us via the form.

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