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Tech Marketing Leaders Forum

this is your community.

If you’re the leader of an IT business, and you’re responsible for marketing, then The IT Marketing Leaders Forum has been developed specifically for you. The forum will be run as a LinkedIn group, but also through a series of regular events.

In both cases we will be sharing new information, trends and giving you the heads up on the big themes you need to be aware of, and how they will affect your business.

The events will be half day, hands-on workshops at iconic London venues, run by experts. You will have the opportunity to work with specialists with deep expertise in their area, and develop action plans that you can take back to your business and implement real change.

In the LinkedIn group, we will be making the content of these workshops available as toolkits and downloads too, so that you can get benefit even if you’re unable to attend. We’ll also be curating content from the best thought leaders in marketing and technology too, and asking for your input into the pieces we publish.

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