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brand repositioning.

When a brand position is developed, the sustainability of this positioning over time, must be a primary goal for the business. However, if the original brand positioning is no longer providing the suitable traction or elevation above competitors, then reframing the brand proposition or a full repositioning may be required.

Sherpa have extensive experience at managing successful repositioning programmes and can assure you that your brand, your most valuable asset, is in safe hands. We will build a strategy around your target audience, your evolving product and brand, your messaging, your competitors and also your sales cycle.

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  • rebranding.

    Realign your company's image and messaging to ensure your brand conveys your value propositions and resonates with your target audience.

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  • audience data & insights.

    A keystone of marketing is audience insight and data.. We use world-class intent platforms to bring this insight to your marketing strategy.

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  • sales & marketing alignment.

    Sherpa have experience bringing technology and processes together to ensure your marketing and sales teams are integrated and aligned.

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