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Marketing and Sales Integration

Marketing and Sales alignment is integral when managing any campaign. However, many leads are lost in the transition between the marketing and sales teams, costing companies trillions of dollars. Marketing and Sales Integration is crucial for campaign success, specifically within ABM programmes.

Sherpa understand that having an aligned marketing and sales methodology based on your market, product, value proposition verticals and position within your industry enables your sales and marketing teams to operate in a consistent, aligned and scalable way across activities. We also understand the requirement for sharing best practice and can help your team with proven strategies, relevant MarTech, sales and marketing alignment and education.

Our marketing team can blend seamlessly into your existing team and we can employ our Inside Sales Representatives, so any leads which come in are thoroughly researched and can be called within one hour of their initial contact. This blended sales and marketing approach helps maximise lead nurture, shortens the sales cycle and facilitates the 'opportunity assessment to appointment setting' process.

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  • data and insights.

    World-class data and insight into tech buyers and the buying journey, using global platforms.

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  • account-based social.

    Using our ready-to-go platforms and team to implement the right ABM tactics at the right time. From pilot to full programme roll-out.

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  • account-based biddable.

    With blended ABM, we use a mix of ABM services to suit your strategy and budget and put your brand in front of the key decision makers.

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