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Measurement of Partner activity is at best ad-hoc and at worse, invisible. In order to drive true value from any type of Partner, measurement and analysis must be real-time and accurate. Sherpa provides a full suite of platforms to enable complete reporting visibility.


Partner MDF Platform

Create a consistent MDF process that aligns spend with your global objectives. Benefit from regional accountability with central control, automated processes and overall visibility into spend and performance.

Our MDF Management platform integrates into existing channel management platforms and sales CRMs, and is fully responsive and can be translated into local languages.  


Retained PRM Management

Your investment in channel management platforms and PRM tools is only fully realised with proper platform management.  That includes ensuring content is up-to-date, measuring and reporting on engagement and supporting user access.

Our team have experience in operating channel management platforms of all types, and we offer a service to support yours so that you can get more out of your tech.


Partner Portal

Engage and enable your Partner community with a super-easy Partner Portal, where you can control access, modify and upload content, manage documents and measure engagement at a granular level.

Our Partner Portal gives you high-level control and flexibility, with admin-configurable access and templates which are easy-to-access for Partners and easy to manage for admins.   Our reporting dashboards give visibility into engagement across all content types.


Bespoke Solutions

Our ambition is to help our clients understand the lifetime value of their channel activities and Partners by creating or integrating solutions with existing platforms and technology to drive out insight and data.

Often, multiple and disparate systems lead to a lack of visibility across activities and limit the ability to make strategic, data-led decisions.  We create bespoke solutions to integrate systems and digitise processes which are intuitive to use, giving you more time to focus on your business.