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talari networks

Talari Networks

the client


Talari are one of the original vendors of a new network architecture product; SD-WAN. Sherpa were appointed to deliver Talari's first ever UK-based campaign to promote SD-WAN.

They were looking to gather top-of-funnel leads within the UK (a previously untapped market) for their product using a valuable asset – a free copy of the Gartner WAN Edge Report (where Talari was one of the named vendors)

the challenge

Using account based marketing, paid social and paid search, we planned to target the audience towards a landing page and retarget non-converting audiences across social and display.

"Talari is a fast-growing tech vendor that’s successful in the US, but wanted to explore the UK market and use it as a springboard into the rest of Europe. Our job as the agency was to put some quantifiable numbers around the campaign's leads and then translate that into pipeline opportunities" -Tom Perry, CEO, Sherpa

the campaign

The campaign ran for 12 weeks from July-September 2017 with a social budget of $15k. We pushed the report through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Display and Adwords. 

Leads were collected, evaluated and nurtured in Marketo and Salesforce; managed by our inside sales team. This ensured that the follow-up process was seamless as the requirement for handing MQLs over to the client sales team was eliminated.

key insights

  • Gartner asset was very important – a recognised name & authority – content quality is still massively important in Paid Social campaigns
  • Optimising campaigns LIVE – also key to tweaking up results – this is a key task for any agency – stop, review, amend + repeat for best results
  • This was a multi-platform campaign – this allowed further investment decisions to be made on a longer term set of campaigns, fully managed by Sherpa
  • Each activity was tracked though Marketo & Salesforce – enterprise grade tracking systems providing full back end integration & analysis by the Client‘s systems
  • Retargeting of non converting visitors also led to increased campaign performance – this needs to be managed carefully but is a key part of the high campaign results
  • Next Steps: Grow out the campaign within current channels within the target cost/ lead.


we delivered

Conversion rate
Cost per conversion
Inmail conversion rate
Inmail open rate

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Facebook click through
Facebook conversion rate
Facebook cost per conversion
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more results

Google click through rate
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Selection of Sales Accepted Leads Generated


Industry Recognition


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