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the clientptc


  • PTC needed to refocus on its core products in emerging markets. 
  • First paid social display campaign ever run for lead generating purposes for the business.
  • Few creative assets in existence.
  • Social mainly used for PR and brand awareness.
  • Tracking systems existed (PTC had Google Analytics) but they were not optimised for Social Media Marketing. 


  • PTC's marketing activity had historically included mostly traditional campaigns.
  • The business wanted to explore more cost-effective digital channels with a focus on new markets, as the ability to explore quickly is one of the great advantages of digital advertising. 
  • The key objective of the campaign was to test these new markets, but more generally, how well paid social advertising functions as a top of funnel lead generating mechanism. 
  • The output being not only leads, but a set of guidelines that PTC could use to run social media advertising in subsequent campaigns including in core regions, which tend to be more saturated. 

target audience

  • End users through to senior decision makers in industrial engineering, manufacture and industrial design.
  • As the campaign was being launched in different countries, Sherpa had to overcome language and cultural boundaries/sensitivities.
  • The timing of the campaigns had to be taken in to account (e.g. Different working weeks / consideration of cultural events and holidays).

media mix

  •  FB advertising 
  •  FB audience network 
  •  FB remarketing 
  •  LinkedIn sponsored content 
  •  Twitter sponsored updates 
  • This mix of media was chosen as it was cost-effective and had a wider reach with the ability to audience profile based on interests, jobs and which influencers the target audience followed. 
  • These channels also offered the ability to remarket easily to engaged audiences. During the second follow up campaign, prospects were offered a free trial of PTC's core product Creo. 


"We were very pleased with Sherpa's analytical approach to campaign management. Careful A/B testing and campaign performance monitoring helped us to capitalize on a trend to maximise the campaign results. I experienced so much joy watching the numbers go up on the CRM dashboard." 

- Tatiana Golub, Regional Marketing Manager, Emerging Markets 

we delivered

conversions achieved against a soft target of 100
Increase in conversion rates on primary platform
Increase in conversion rates on entire campaign
Avg. cost per lead





we delivered

Ad click through rate (0.78 - industry standard)
Increase in daily avg. leads
Increase in projected conversion during initial campaign phase
New PTC Creo likes on Facebook




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