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microsoft office 365

Microsoft Office 365 the client


  • To secure upgrades to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud service for business
  • Deliver qualified leads for direct follow up by Tech Data or to pass to partners

the campaign

  • 6 week cross platform campaign blending traditional digital marketing elements with social advertising on Facebook
  • Audience segmented by SMB & Enterprise
  • Benefit-led vendor messaging supported by evidence based reasons to believe & case studies
  • Creation & adaptation of Office 365 assets (case studies, white papers, infographics etc) to be used at different points in the customer journey according to audience profile and  level of engagement
  • Creation of bespoke landing pages for a fully customisable user experience
  • Retargeting to increase level of engagement Inside sales & research for lead qualification
  • Dedicated project team responsible for campaign delivery optimisation and reporting and partner liaison


  • Warm list of top of funnel, engaged and targeted leads for follow up and nurture (612 contacts)
  • Important lead intelligence on interactions with Microsoft content for partner to use in their own post campaign nurture


we delivered

Average email open rate
Email click-through-rate (higher than industry average of 2.16%)
Clicks to leads achieved across campaign
 Demo resend
 M365 Landing page


Office 365 pfd

Office 365 pdf  


Facebook CTR achieved (higher than industry standard of 1.04%)
Potential audience reached

Office 365 email

 M365 facebook

Microsoft Office 365

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