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Understanding CRM for your Technology Business

Tom Perry
by Tom Perry - July 14, 2016


In the old days, marketing was segmented with various forces working in parallel. Now with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the most effective efforts use a more holistic approach. The basic marketing infrastructure includes CRM, web and social channels, and marketing automation. All efforts should ultimately work towards increased traffic, leads, and revenue.

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CRM is how you interact with current and future customers, and the relationship should always take centre stage. For any relationship, it’s important to cultivate ties on multiple levels to obtain optimal business results. This means the organization, automation, and synchronization of your:

Customer Service
Technical Support


 Web & Social Channels

A key CRM element, your social media strategy must fit the profile and personality of your business. Maintaining continuity of the brand message is vital for a smooth buyer journey. You also want to be able to collect meaningful data to help future planning. Critical aspects include:

  • Accurate audience identification
  • Responsive listening
  • Instant response and engagement
  • Insightful measurements and analysis

10_Reasons_-_IT_Marketing.pngMarketing Automation

This part of relationship nurturing has come a long way from just sending out mass emails. The best approach begins with setting clear goals that guide future strategy. Good automation never feels automated, but instead it’s personalized for each recipient, on any given device, and in every context. And you want to collect insightful data to continuously improve efforts.

Demand generation goes hand in hand with marketing automation. The goal is to continuously engage your current audience while attracting new people to your brand.

Like An Orchestra Conductor

The elements of customer relationship should never be thought of in isolated terms. Like a world class orchestra, the best results appear with synchronized and harmonious execution.

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