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The Big Sherpa Move

Lennox Potts
by Lennox Potts - March 24, 2017


This past week has been an especially busy one for the Sherpa Team, not only have we been completing the top quality work for our clients that we always do - but throw into the mix an office move and you have quite the hectic week!

If you haven't already heard on the grapevine, we have outgrown our old offices at 19 Goldington Road and you will now find us residing at 1 Hammond Road with a brand new sign outside!

Luckily under the strong guidance of the Sherpa Super-hero Tom Perry and through a lot of effort from the whole Sherpa team we managed to successfully pull off the move and we find ourselves in a better space professionally for it.

Obviously with marketing running in our blood we couldn't help but record every step of the way in order to pass on to you the do's and don'ts of a big office move:

The Dos

  • Do prioritise - Have a clear direction in order to work out which tasks are crucial to undertake first.
  • Do create a time-line - Be sure to assess the best time for minimising disruption to the business and any downtime (and yes this can mean putting in time outside of normal office hours)
  • Do communicate to employees - The transition will be easier if everyone is aware of what is happening and any concerns can be addressed.
  • Do appoint a project leader - Putting someone in charge of organising the project and communicating to the team every step of the way.

The Don'ts

  • Don't move too soon - Don't make the move because 'that's just what you do' and consider whether an office move will actually help the business to grow.
  • Don't start too late - Allow plenty of time for the move and dont start too late or you'll find yourself in a few more stressful situations than necessary!
  • Don't have a lack of vision - Have a clear vision from the get go of how you want your new office space to look and which interior design options best suit your specific requirements.
  • Don't disregard any legal implications - Make sure you look closely both at the legal agreements for leaving your existing office space and for starting at your new one!

So hopefully now next time you are thinking about moving offices, you can take a look at this and learn a few things from us!

And although we cannot claim to be office moving experts just yet, if you do fancy popping in for chat about your marketing efforts, then you will get to see for yourself how successful our move was!

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