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International Women's Day

Lois Dixon
by Lois Dixon - March 8, 2018


It’s International Women’s Day…a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. An extremely important day which demonstrates how far society has come. “When’s International Men’s Day?” I hear many of you utter…well it depends who you ask; some say 19th November, some say everyday”.

Now it seems we have a day for everything…’World Sparrow Day, World Puppetry Day, World Data Protection Day (January 28th if you want to join in next year), and now International Women’s Day. A day squeezed into the middle of British Pie week…that’s right, we dedicate an entire week of the calendar year to celebrate the nation’s favourite pastry-based delicacy but women? We just get the one day.

Well that’s not how we operate at Sherpa. We don’t need a specific Thursday in March to feel equal in our workplace (although I think the chaps will be dominating the tea run today!). In the core team  six of us are women and we also make up half of the senior management team. We know our place…right alongside the men. 

I am currently working from home, writing this blog, as I do every week on a Thursday. I am one of the many women in the UK who is busy juggling a young family and a career, which I have worked hard to build. I am one of the lucky ones, as have found a company who not only recognises, but embraces women (and men) in the same situation. Flexible working is offered and encouraged, and we can choose our contracted hours, which enables us to keep all the necessary balls in the air and maximise our productivity! We are employed not to fill a vacancy, but for the skills and experience we bring to the table. Tom Perry, our CEO extraordinaire, is a great believer in working hard and playing hard(er) and ensuring his team maintain the balance between work and life, that so many people struggle to achieve. When I quizzed him on why he has chosen to go down this road, his answer was this:

"Realising that our lives outside of work hold far more importance for us all has been a key tenet of Sherpa’s success - we encourage attendance on our time at nativities, sports days, plays, parents evenings - whatever it takes to support our staff’s family lives - no one should ever miss a family moment because of work. Talent has many backgrounds and it has been my aim from day one to get the very best people, by being 100% flexible in the working conditions and options we provide. True, this has helped our female employees more than our males to date, but it applies across the board."

As an agency, we get more by recognising unique female talent in the marketing space and this often brings with it additional skillsets. Many of the women in the office have families and are therefore well versed in applying patience, resilience, attention to detail, time management and complete selflessness to any task. The younger members of the team are driven forward and fast tracked to new roles, through investment and training. The Senior Management Team at Sherpa are very good at identifying someone with a vast amount of potential and investing in their career development. One of our Account Managers joined Sherpa early on and has undertaken various training courses to help her develop not only in her current role, but in driving her career forward. My last blog was about the culture at Sherpa and this is a great example – we are always pushing ourselves to be better and that is encouraged. 

We therefore feel very lucky at Sherpa today. We are celebrating International Women’s Day by doing exactly as we always do…being part of a cohesive, multi-lingual, racially diverse and gender neutral team, all of whom are equal. However, I will also be busy preparing for International Health and Safety at work day on April 28th - we don’t want to miss that one...sounds a hoot!

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