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do you need an app for that?

With new technologies developing at an incredible speed, it is up to businesses, not to be wooed by the latest app and maintain a focus on strengthening core routes to potential new clients. This blog discusses the key findings of the Inbounder 2018 conference.
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D-Day is here...or should I say GDPR-Day?

GDPR has taken the world by storm and businesses are panicking. This is a blog about keeping your head about you when other businesses are losing theirs! It's about maintaining a good database, trusting your marketing methods and not blanket emailing your entire database-you'll lose good contacts!
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Best-practice makes perfect when it comes to MDF…

This blog focuses on our recent webinar, the ‘death of MDF: reviving a broken system’, in which we shared some of our best practices for optimising MDF and marketing campaigns in general. We discuss the key points, which we think could revive the MDF programme and make it far more profitable.
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end-to-end...where to start?

Preparation is the key to getting the traction your marketing campaign needs. Find out why we think end-to-end marketing is crucial for success and how programmes such as MDF could benefit from adopting end-to-end techniques.
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the death of mdf: reviving a broken system

We see a lot of MDF models here at Sherpa and it seems to us that the MDF model is fundamentally broken. Read Sherpa's golden rules for MDF optimisation here!
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embracing GDPR.

Sherpa is taking GDPR by the horns. This blog discusses why we think GDPR is nothing to be scared of and for most businesses it is an opportunity which should be embraced.
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International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! At Sherpa we like to continuously celebrate the women on our team - this blog is all about them!
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culture is key.

Our team is at the heart of our business. This blog takes a look into the culture at Sherpa and the values we all live by.
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global content trends 2017.

Sherpa's analysis of Hubspot's 2017 Content Trends report is here. We look at the impact of content preferences on different audiences and discuss how video is here to stay!
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Sherpa named as a top 70 B2B Agency

Sherpa has been named as a top 70 B2B Agency in the B2B marketing agencies benchmarking report 2018
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