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I'm talking to you ...!

Let's get personal! Customer experience is so important now and with B2C sites raising their customer experience game, B2B customers are expecting the same level of service. This blog looks at personalising in the B2B marketing space.
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let's go 'straight to video'

100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day - imagine the power video can have when it actually provides something useful. This blog looks at video and the impact it may have on your marketing.
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ABM: have you got the key to success?

what makes for successful Account Based Marketing? How do you know if it will be a fit? We have done the hard work for you and laid out five key criteria for successful ABM.
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account based marketing: it's so much more than just a marketing initiative...

Account based marketing works with - and even improves upon - the efficiency of many existing marketing practices.
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Ignite B2B marketing with AI

Should we be applying B2C methods to B2B marketing? Featuring a blog by Pascale Smith following the 2017 B2B Ignite- we look at AI and it's potential impact on B2B marketing.
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time for a re-coupling.

This blog looks at the relationship between sales and marketing and the necessity of alignment. If Love Island can bring single people together, businesses can bring teams together!
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Grazia, Google and some very good ideas

An interview with Grazia Ladisa, Sherpa’s digital marketing executive to chat about two days she spent in London at Google’s Audience Expert Days - a training day which delved into what Google are doing to help us use their platform to reach and understand our audiences better.
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an inbound state of mind...

A blog which pulls out some the key findings from Hubspot's State of Inbound 2018 report, which looks at the benchmark data in the changing marketing and sales landscape
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do you need an app for that?

With new technologies developing at an incredible speed, it is up to businesses, not to be wooed by the latest app and maintain a focus on strengthening core routes to potential new clients. This blog discusses the key findings of the Inbounder 2018 conference.
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D-Day is here...or should I say GDPR-Day?

GDPR has taken the world by storm and businesses are panicking. This is a blog about keeping your head about you when other businesses are losing theirs! It's about maintaining a good database, trusting your marketing methods and not blanket emailing your entire database-you'll lose good contacts!
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