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Attract Customers With Inbound IT Marketing

Carolyn Wakeling
by Carolyn Wakeling - August 24, 2016



Inbound IT marketing is the collection of activities your company performs to attract customers. Good inbound marketing satisfies a desire for content that people search for. Great inbound marketing creates a free sales force for your brand. Let’s dig around a bit more, shall we?

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Start Me Up! 

Let’s say your company sells software that helps human relations (HR) professionals. Your potential customers might not be looking for software, just yet, but they may be keen on articles about HR best practices. So you produce a blog post on HR strategy. Now, when someone Googles “HR strategy” your blog has a chance to attract visitors. 

Differs From Outbound

See how this differs from you calling people and pushing your HR software on them? The big difference with inbound marketing is that they come to you. So instead of telemarketing, direct mail, TV spots, radio ads, or spam, inbound IT marketing takes the form of:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • eBooks
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers
  • PDFs
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • SEO

Right This Way Please

Remember that visitor reading your HR strategy post? Well, with effective inbound marketing, the visitor moves along the buyer journey to evolve into a lead. This can be accomplished with a call to action on your blog. It could be a contact form or a free download. And eventually, leads become customers.

Needle In A Haystack?

One blog post in the galaxy of content might not seem like much. But with the right SEO strategy, your chances of getting noticed increase exponentially. While there is a technique to this, nothing replaces quality.

Get Them To Like And Trust You

If you consistently put out useful, entertaining, and/or informative content, backed up by solid SEO, you’ll get traction. As people encounter you more and more, they’ll like you since they like your content. With each encounter, trust is built. And trust is the key to more sales... and something even more valuable.


Ambassador Army

When someone has bought your product, and loves your brand, they recommend you. They share on social media or spread by word of mouth. These customers are gold and are the final product of the inbound IT marketing process.

Sherpa Marketing is Hubspot Certified. We know how to reel them in. Call us at 0207 416 6056 or contact us here.



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