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intent reporting

what is it?

We can help you define a list of accounts to target with ABM by using a form of behavioural analytics called ‘intent data’. Intent data tells us which companies already feel a need for the solution you offer, and is based on their web behaviour.

Data is gathered by recording the behaviour of individuals; what they are searching for, which articles they read, which whitepapers they download, etc, and linking behaviour to individual IP addresses. IP addresses are matched back to companies (who often have unique IP addresses) to build a picture of the content people at specific companies are searching for and reading. When individuals begin to look at content related to a specific topic over and above a background level, it becomes what’s called an ‘intent surge’. Such a surge tends to indicate that the company is open to purchasing such a solution; they’ve already entered the sales cycle.


why use intent?

Using intent data as a starting point for your ABM campaigns allows you to deliver bespoke marketing messages to those accounts at a time when individual decision makers are ready to act on them.

Sherpa partners with intent data providers, to bring intent-based account selection to your ABM programmes.

5 key ABM success factors

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