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ABM process

ABM process

The ABM process is complex and unique to each prospect. We drive and manage each programme, guided by you and your requirements and our experience in delivering account based marketing.

Here at Sherpa we know that having a deep understanding of you and your prospects is critical to ABM success, so we spend a large proportion of every programme learning about your accounts, your products and your internal processes and capabilities.

First, we get the perspective of all key stakeholders in your business — Marketing and Sales (and business leaders) — not just who the target persona is, but also the pain points and frustrations they experience. Then we learn how your product offering and value proposition addresses these challenges. This allows us to position you and your solution as highly relevant to the audience. Finally, we find out which platforms are available for us to use. You may have invested heavily in CRM and marketing platforms, but if you haven’t, we’ll try to work out solutions to these limitations, using our own platforms where necessary.


After the initial research phase, we work with you to establish trackable KPIs that align with your own lead scoring criteria. The next step is to research and analyse the accounts by applying intent score analysis, mapping out decision makers, and investigating their current providers and challenges.

This process leads us to the top-line messaging. Messaging is bespoke to specific accounts or account clusters and tackles the challenges they face head on. We audit current content and endorsement pieces (e.g. case studies) to gather content to support the messaging, repurposing content where possible or creating it from scratch. Once the campaign is launched we bring the messages into the accounts via social, email, content syndication, re-marketing, IP-based advertising and direct marketing; a mix we determine based on what’s available and how each one performs through time.

All that’s left is to track and monitor each lead and work out how to progress each one via a weekly call with your stakeholders.

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